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❝An Outer Banks boating adventure around our sounds presents a perfect opportunity to instill a love of the water in your children and grandchildren. Boating, fishing, crabbing, and sightseeing are educational and fun for everyone.

The sounds between the mainland and the barrier islands are ideal for exploring. The water is usually calm and full of things to do. There is always a boat ramp to launch from that will keep us out of the wind. The Kid's Soundside Adventure is a great way to introduce children to some fun on the water. All emphasis is put on having a positive, enjoyable water experience.

Atlantic croaker
Outer Banks kids fishing trips

Fishing is the focal point and the sounds have an abundance of fish to catch. These waters serve as breeding and egg laying areas for multiple species, including prey species such as Striped or White mullet (jumping mullet), Atlantic menhaden, and Silverside minnows, plus predators such as Red drum, seatrout, and Striped bass. The potential for catching some kind of fish is high on most days. Of course, many fish are not glamorous sportfish but rather the more common but plentiful types. The Atlantic croaker, Spot, Pigfish, Pinfish, and sea mullet are most commonly caught. Add skates, stingrays, and toadfish to the list as well. These fish and many others give ample opportunities for young anglers to learn and practice the skills they will need to be successful at fishing for the rest of their lives.

Atlantic croaker
Atlantic croaker
I know that kids can lose interest in things, so variety is what I offer. The Kid's Soundside Adventure can be whatever the children wish it to be.

We can stop fishing and look for dolphins or maybe take a side trip that allows us leave the boat and wade in shallow water while we search for hermit crabs.

Hermit crabs
Take a Kid Fishing on the Outer Banks
Blue crabs
OBX Blue crabs

We can throw out baited lines and try to net Blue crabs while we watch Brown pelicans come and go from their giant nesting colony. We can go and have lunch on the boat while we watch people parasail in the sky with Jockey’s Ridge sand dune in the background. Pulling crab pots and fish pots is another option. We will do what it takes to keep the kids interested.

Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins
Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins

When I first moved to Dare County, I spent two summers on the northern Outer Banks as a guide for wild horse tours. The tour included a 28-mile-round-trip ride from Corolla to Carova while we looked for North Carolina’s official trademark animal, the Colonial Spanish Mustang. I learned much about the horses, lighthouses, lifesaving stations, local town names, and a little pirate lore. If you ask, I will be happy to share all of this fun information with your family.

Colonial Spanish Mustangs
OBX Colonial Spanish Mustangs
Bodie Island
Bodie Island Lighthouse
With my background in Biology, Geology, Oceanography, and public school teaching, I can introduce the ecology of the Outer Banks with a hands-on approach that kids of any age will enjoy.

I strive to teach skills such as casting, retrieving, lure and bait presentation, and knot tying to any and all who will listen. I also have a personal love of plants and wildlife to share. I will be happy to identify the birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and other aquatic creatures that we encounter on our travels. We will discuss conservation and the sustainable yield of resources as we enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Pigfish, Spot, and Atlantic croaker
Pigfish, Spot, and Atlantic croaker
Looking for fun and educational things to do at the Outer Banks? Join me on a Kid's Soundside Adventure where you and your children can fish and explore Oregon Inlet or the sounds behind Nags Head and Manteo.

Please accept this invitation to book a trip with Soundside Adventures for an exciting water experience for the entire family. Look around our website and visit our Facebook™ page for updates on our ongoing activities.❞

Captain Lenny