8 March 2015

Reel Repair Day

I have found that running a fishing guide service on the Outer Banks of North Carolina requires a captain to have a good selection of different sized rods and reels. As you can see, I like to use Daiwa™ spinning reels. They are strong, smooth, and sharp looking with nice drag systems; I consider these reels tools of my trade.

I get several compliments every season about the quality of the equipment that I use. I like to offer my clients good stuff, in good shape. This means that every year about this time, I take my reels off their rods and do some maintenance.

After taking off the spool, a good washing in warm soapy water starts the process. After drying, I take the side plate off. I remove old grease and then replace it. A little oil on the main shaft, bail, and handle normally completes the process. During the year, I rinse every reel with freshwater after each trip, even if I didn’t fish with it that day. If you follow a simple program like this, your equipment will function much nicer while you use it and it will last much longer.

Warm weather and hungry fish are on the way soon. Get ready!
Assortment of Daiwa reels
fishing reel maintenance tips
Don't lose the little parts
fishing reel maintenance tips
A little is better than a bunch
fishing reel maintenance tips