21 July 2014

We took off on a kid's soundside adventure this morning with Rich, Jennifer, Lauren, and Troy. It was a great trip.

We got good looks at dolphins right away and then we set out some crab and minnow pots.

Our first stop got us into the tail end of a Bluefish blitz of eight-inch fish. We caught five or six and then the fish moved on. The bottom fishing was good and Jennifer kept records of the species and ended up with 40 to 50 fish.

The Hermit crabbing was good but the minnow pots were empty. We did catch a few Blue crabs in the other pots and had a lesson in identification. We released them after checking them out.


  • Bluefish
  • Black sea bass
  • Atlantic stingray
  • Pigfish
  • Pinfish

The weather was perfect, we caught some fish, and everyone had lots of fun, including the captain.

Arrr, there be pirates on me boat!
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