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"We had a great time on Captain Lenny's boat! His fishing charter comes highly recommended, especially if you have children who like to fish or who you are trying to introduce to fishing. Captain Lenny always had one eye on the prize and a second eye on the kids, which made the trip much more relaxing and enjoyable for mom and dad.

We hope to come back to OBX, and another fishing trip with Captain Lenny will be a high priority."

– Heather, PA

Oyster toadfish
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❝When we returned home, we were greeted by family who, of course, asked both Troy and Lauren what their favorite part of their trip was. They both instantly exclaimed fishing with Captain Lenny! Now, I’m sure you hear this all the time, but wanted to give you a note since I thought this was pretty high praise given we have been on a vacation trip of over a month, including seeing and doing some awesome things both in Canada and here in the states.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you again for the adventure and greatly appreciate your interest in teaching our kids so well. They were even identifying fish for other kids when we went to the pier late last week. You do an excellent job and it is easy to see why you have been such a successful teacher. I’m glad there are folks like you passing on your knowledge and experiences. ...Again, thank you for such a great experience which has left quite an impression on our kids!❞

– Rich Brant

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"Thanks again for the great time. ...Your stories, knowledge, and commitment to sustainable practices helped make the experience the highlight of our vacation to the Outer Banks. I will be sure to tell all looking for an excellent experience in the area to look you up.

We only have one planet, let's treat it with the respect it deserves."

– Chuck K., NJ

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Atlantic stingray
Atlantic stingray

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"I wanted to thank you again for making our trip special. You are a very good teacher—patient, get to the right level when answering questions and of course knowledgeable. I tend to have high expectations and was trying to manage my expectations for how this would go but I have to say that you surpassed all our expectations and the kids have not stopped talking about the trip, especially the ride with you!"

– Mary Crouse

Atlantic croaker (photo courtesy of Mary Crouse)
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