Family Boating on the Outer Banks

❝Kids love being in the water but many have never been on it.

When I am asked how to introduce kids to boating, I always suggest doing it gently. If you book a 12-hour trip to the Gulf Stream, you might be disappointed when your child becomes bored, sick, tired, hungry, or scared. Start with a shorter trip to keep your kid stimulated and curious. Go boating in the sounds where the waters are gentle, land is always in sight, and there are no diesel engine fumes that might upset a child's stomach.

Ask the captain what he or she does when the kids get sick of fishing. If they are willing to mix it up with other child-centered fun, you are talking with the right guide. There are many exciting things to do at the Outer Banks besides fish such as

  • riding to look for dolphins;
  • visiting 'Pelican Island';
  • swimming;
  • crabbing with hand lines;
  • beaching the boat on an island to go wading in the shallow waters;
  • catching hermit crabs;
  • trapping aquatic creatures with scoop nets;
  • touring Wanchese Harbor for close looks at large fishing vessels;
  • searching for birds; and
  • clamming for older kids because it requires physical exertion.
At what age can a child begin fishing from a boat? A child can safely fish from a boat when he or she is old enough to walk and big enough to wear a personal flotation device.

Going fishing with kids is awesome but making it a fun day on the water is key. Add some of these water activities and time will pass quickly. The kids will be asking to do it again the next day.

When your kids enjoy their boating adventure, a love for the water will sprout, one that might lead to many hours and days of family enjoyment throughout their lives.

Most kids love the idea of riding in a boat and a four-hour soundside charter is perfect for a youngster's first Outer Banks boating excursion. Contact me to learn more about how to introduce kids to boating or to book a Kid's Soundside Adventure!❞

Captain Lenny

Oregon Inlet
Oregon Inlet
wading in the sound near Oregon Inlet
Oregon Inlet wading
Hermit crabs
Hermit crabs
live well
live well
Atlantic bottlenose dolphins
Atlantic bottlenose dolphins